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Great for companies
up to 20 employees


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Ideal for companies that
are just adapting hybrid work 

up to 100 employees

Per user per month

$199 one-time fee for floorplan digitization

No credit card required


Best for companies that
are hybrid veterans


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Single sign on (Google, Microsoft) Support for federated authentication.
Slack application for desk booking and weekly planning
Manage users, locations, floors, desks
User synchronization via file upload
Collaborative scheduling
Food ordering via Slack
HRIS integration (Workday, Bob, BambooHR, +20 more)
Interactive floorplan
Seating Editor

Layout Editor
WFH policy manager
Workplace analytics
Shift manager
Workplace rule manager
News & events
AI dynamic rule manager
AI scheduler and dynamic neighborhood creator
Actionable insights on resources & people
Manage flexible space & perks budget Beta
BLE Indoor navigation Beta
Time & communication management Beta
Ride sharing management Beta

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