The future of
work Platform

Enabling companies to transform to a hybrid organization. Optimizing the workplace and the workforce.

Re-Defining the rules of work

Becoming hybrid has great benefits, but some challanges… At Artishok we use data and algorithms to establish and maintain a sustainble hybrid ogranization – optimizing Your workplace and workforce
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of employess would like to Have a flexible scheudule

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of employess Maintain or improve productivity on individual tasks while working from home

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Of Space can be reduced
By Transforming to a hybrid ogranization

Create a Hybrid model that works for you


Establish a personalized data driven hybrid work policy
Analyze how people work best, Set the ground rules for an accurate and sustainable working arranagment


Evaluate different placement strategies To fine tune and optimize Space usage.

Evaluate and simulate diffrent pleasuble modes of operation which conserve space and optimize performance.

Manage & Operate

Define granular modes of operation on a Building ,Floor, zone and seat level

Set rules and modes of operation on various granularties – orgranizational or space oriented

data driven

Maintain a healthy hybrid ogranization without impacting employee privacy 

Connect your enterprise applications – task management, calendars, HRIS and more
Use our ogranizational data driven ‘work Engine’ to coordinate them all

Stay on top of your employee productivity, work-life balance, sense of belonging and satisfaction in a accurate and scientific manner

Works with your existing tools & workflows

want to know who needs to work when and where?

join us to our close beta and be part of the
new workspace optimization