What is future of work?

Future of work is us

Managing all physical and virtual needs for a supportive work environment, providing a large and highly-accessible toolset for employers and employees, to support the transition to a flexible work environment

Autonomous Working Environment

Autonomous versatile working environment, providing endless working possibilities - home, office, co-working space, or anything else

Monitor Productivity Metrics

Monitor and provide real-time feedback on general space productivity metric ratings - without compromising employees' privacy

Flexible On-boarding

On-boarding for all employees, to physical or virtual devices

Facility Management

End-to-end autonomous facility management that simply knows what to do

Real-time Positioning

Track shipment of goods and placement in the warehouse

Ticketing System

Smart ticketing system, from opening a ticket all the way to a quick solution

The Values

Wellbeing and Productivity

Set the Outlines

Define employee home/work thresholds and suggest what is optimal using different attributes, also suited by mood, personality and mental state for maximum employee productivity and work experience.


Provide perks based on productivity index and past 'experiments' to specific employees.
We don’t want anyone to overdo it... 🙂

Productivity Index

Management and HR can lead a productivity index - company and team productivity index, anonymous and without compromising employees' privacy.


Integrate with all platforms

Seamless integrations with all day-to-day management platform

Using this feature, you will be able to get valuable data from those platforms, as well as push data if you want, when you want, however you want it to be done

Task Managers

like monday.com, Jira, Trello, AirTable, ...


Integrate with any type of calendar


Integrate with email clients


Integrate with different platforms such as Salesforce, ZenDesk, ...

The Difference

What makes Artishok Different

Endless Workspace Possibilities

With our autonomous physical kit, everyone can work from everywhere

Inspiring Work Environment

Provide an inspiring work environment to increase productivity and enhance employee retention

Data, but Also Privacy

Anonymized company employee productivity matrix - up to the team level

Data-driven Solutions

Based on our data, we can provide end-users with smart lighting, air purification, noise control, and many other solutions

On-demand Spaces

Personalized on-demand daily space assignment, based on space properties, employee persona and team requirements

Productivity Improvement

Employee productivity recommendations and experiments (we will never expose employee data)


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