Automating the real world

We develop the technology for autonomously-driven spaces for an efficient, safe and sustainable world

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Use Case #1


The retail industry has many problems that can be solved and optimized by integrating smart technological solutions.

  • Improve Sales
  • Optimize Operations
  • Security
  • Hygiene
  • Safety

Use Case #2

Workspace & Office Management

Offices are simply inefficient. Artishok’s holistic solution addresses and solves many of these inefficiencies in a simple, accessible and cost-effective way.

We reduce operational costs by creating autonomously-driven spaces, that know how to to manage themselves and operate (almost) on their own.

Autonomously-driven Spaces

Use Case #3

Future of Work

Distributed workforce, space and productivity management

  • Manage your space usage
  • Use pop-up work and meeting locations
  • Monitor employee wellbeing
  • Standardize work-life balance
  • Manage productivity while keeping employees privacy
Future of Work