From access control to community management, Everything you need to accelerate your workspace business

The Artishok feature suite

Your space management platform

See occupancy, Manage your entire room, desk & meeting room inventory. get costumer service & marketing insights
that will help you know what you need to focus on for your space to grow.

Things you can do with Artishok

Contracts & payments

Automate tenant/member on-boarding and payments through contract types & customisation, issue invoices & accept payments

Monitor occupancy

Get a true sense of what's going on at your space at any given moment. See crucial data about peak times & open-up to a world of opportunities


Plan your space marketing efforts by understanding the way your inventory works. Know what is freeing-up and what you need to focus on.

Updates & events

Get in front of your tenants through our mobile app with important updates and promotions. Create events & sell tickets.

Plug & play store

Increase your revenue by letting members enjoy immediate access to what they really need at any given time. Sell food, drinks, office supplies & trainings & consultation hours

Data & insights

Use Artishoks' sensing tools & machine learning engine to monitor your costumer service & improve your decision making.

Member retention 

Tenant mobile app

A branded mobile app for your tenants and members. Fully featured to let your tenants manage their office-life. Get great opportunities to enhance your community and business 


  • Manage AC
  • Manage lights
  • Access space & rooms


  • See events & posts
  • Purchase tickets
  • Post to community
  • Invite & manage visitors

Management & well-being

  • Shop food, drinks, office supplies
  • See current plan, upgrade or add credits
  • Book meeting rooms
  • Manage payments
  • Create support tickets
  • Live chat with staff & members

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