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Combining space & technology

As former clients of several co-working on office spaces, we always felt there is a better way to manage real-estate. 

Artishok was created to help space owners seize full ownership of their business by providing them tools to understand it much better 

Providing Space owners with an "unfair advantage": Artishoks' goal is to combine cutting-edge technology that deals with all core aspects of workspace management: Accessability, community, energy, 

Proptech. re-invented.

One of the biggest challenges of space management is making all parts of it easily manageable without requiring huge investments. Our focus is transforming the way people experience real-estate by making it smarter,  approachable and connected.

Artishok’s solution focuses on the “holy triangle” of real-estate management: Access, Occupancy & energy. Maximising the effectiveness of these 3 factors through advanced automation and IoT is essential for advancing how real-estate is experienced. 

Artishok is about the democratisation of technological solutions. We believe that real-estate management should be a seamless, transparent & easily integrable process. 

We work with spaces on an a ‘pay as you go’ subscription model, and our basic features are free forever. Pricing is per feature so that space managers can only choose what they actually need. 

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